About Babirwa Fruit Exports

At Babirwa Fruit Exports delicious grapes from the Cape are nurtured on the vine with a sustainable agricultural model that delivers a consistently superiour quality product.

Nestled in the rich farmland of Worcester, Babirwa Fruit Exports has created a best-of-breed table grape growing, packing and value-add facility capable of consistently supplying top retail outlets.

Business leader and entrepreneur Tebogo Mogashoa purchased the farming operations now named Babirwa Fruit Exports in 2016 and immediately set out to improve and enhance the farm’s produce and value-add packing and delivery operations.

The farming operation provides 60 permanent staffing positions and up to 300 temporary job opportunities in season.

In addition to the many job opportunities provided to the local communities of Worcester, De Doorns and Wolseley, Babirwa Fruit Exports also assists the nearby primary school with the provision of potable running water.

Babirwa Fruit Exports is a Level 1 BEE company.

Babirwa Fruit Exports has an official Sustainable Agriculture in South Africa (SIZA) audit confirmation in the platinum risk category. Download our certificate below in our Packing House section.

Babirwa Fruit Exports is GLOBALG.A.P. certified. Download our certificate below in our Packing House section.


Ambiance Farm

Our table grape farm is named Ambiance, in keeping with local naming convention in the Brandwacht area of Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. But it’s also because this name is beautifully descriptive of who and what we are, encapsulating our closely guarded values of honesty, sustainability, responsibility and agricultural innovation.

Ambiance nestles on the slopes of the Worcester mountains. Covering some 196.69ha, the farm produces many different high quality sought-after seedless varieties of table grapes such as ARRA 15, Sable, Adora, Sweet Joy, Sweet Sapphire, Midnight Beauty, Autumn Crisp, Sweet Globe, Crimson, Sweet Celebration and Joy Bells over about 50ha of cultivated vines.

Ambiance Farm Map


Babirwa Packing House

The large Babirwa Fruit Exports packing plant uses the most up-to-date technology in the industry. The cooling facility is state-of-the-art and the plant features 68 packaging stations across four production lines with in-line scaling and productivity measurement tools.

Operationally Babirwa Fruit Exports aims to produce 5 000 cartons of table grapes per hectare, totalling around 250 000 cartons of 4.5kg equivalent each.

Once our grapes have been harvested they are transported to our large on-site packing house plant where the grapes are immediately cooled to 18℃. Once the grapes are cool and ready for packing, they are conveyed to our 68 packing stations via four lines covering 17 stations each.

Every packing station features a modern programmable smart scale, as well as a screen to monitor workload and productivity. Waste is measured and managed continuously. Each station is occupied by two workers, with a supervisor and quality control officer assigned to units of five stations. Our two packing managers cover two lines each.

After packing our cartons are closed with a sulphur dioxide (SO2) pad. Cartons are then labelled and packed onto pallets. Various inspections are conducted, after which the pallets of packed cartons are cooled to 10℃ and dispatched to cold chain distribution centres.

Babirwa SIZA Audit Confirmation
Babirwa GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

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Koot Nel

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Babirwa Fruit Exports, Ambiance Farm

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Western Cape, South Africa